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Gate Repair Services

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Our excellence is not limited to garage door repair services. Garage Door Repair Romeoville is also an amazing gate repair contractor and has multiple experienced technicians for every job. Our company is prepared to deal with every issue and all services requested by customers for either or both mechanisms and with great success. We have exceptional and very modern technical foundations, extraordinary organization and very competent repairmen. We are well-prepared and ready to respond to every call whether you need same day service or emergency repairs.Gate Repair in Romeoville

Our services include all your gate needs

The teams of our company specialize in all gate types and their repairs. We will be your most valuable assets when parts are damaged or you are troubled with problems and don't know what to do. We are here to offer our assistance, consultation and services such as:

Gate opener installation

Our staff is always willing to help you out when choosing a new opener and we can also order the preferred unit from the manufacturer. As experts in operators, we always make sure the new opener integrates the required safety features and we install it having these requirements in mind.

Driveway gate troubleshooting

We are available for emergency and same day services and are the best in troubleshooting. With the use of the right tools and great knowledge, we can find what's wrong with the electric gate and why it's not closing or opening well. We can diagnose operator issues and provide repair services at once.

Maintenance service

The maintenance offered by our company is thorough and includes inspecting and repairing all parts. From their lubrication to the replacement of worn components, you can be sure that every part will be maintained properly. During the service, we give great attention to the operator, adjust the force of the gate and make sure the reverse system works.

Gate remote programming

We will never leave you wondering how to program the gate clicker. We do it for you and we are also available when a power problem interrupts the remote-opener communication and the remote will need reprogramming.

Swing gate post repair

Loose post foundations and problems with the material of the post will cause gate instability. If the problem is very serious and the posts sag, the gate might get damaged or won't close. We repair post problems and are here for emergency issues.

Rolling gate wheels maintenance

Wheels are often worn and frequently need lubrication maintenance. Their brackets need tightening and the end stop must be checked so that sliding gate rollers won't come off. We offer great and same day maintenance and have the capacity to replace wheels and their brackets if they are rusty or damaged.

Our work has no limitations. Our repairmen are available to fix any problem with all gates and their parts. We are perfect installers and take care of anything wrong with even the smallest components. The most encouraging thing for each customer is that our technicians follow every safety standard regulation and offer emergency services . Thanks to our good organization and knowledge, we always find the most suitable solutions for your own problems and as intercom specialists, we can also suggest the best phone entry system for your property.

We are here for everything you need. Call us today!

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