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Here is an introduction to FAQs for garage door repair. Start expanding your knowledge now.

  • Can I adjust extension springs alone?

    Although adjusting extension garage door springs is not as hard as adjusting torsion springs, it's still not the easiest task. It requires attention just for dealing with garage door springs. The main idea is to move the s-hook of the cable farther back or forward depending on whether you want to add or release spring tension.

  • What is a direct current garage door opener?

    Experts at Garage Door Repair Romeoville say that direct current garage door openers help save up on energy. This garage door opener only runs when it is being used to open and close the door. Moreover they are very quiet openers, making this ideal for those who wish for very little or no noise at all.

  • What will happen if I don’t replace a broken weather seal?

    It might not seem like much at first, but if a garage door has a broken weather seal, slowly but surely it will become more and more difficult to perform garage door maintenance. You are exposing all of the vulnerable parts of a garage door to the elements.

  • Can garage doors withstand extreme weather conditions?

    The majority of standard doors can withstand many adverse weather conditions including frost, strong winds and heavy rain. However, if you live in a geographical area which is prone to particularly severe weather, this may not be sufficient. Garage Door Repair Romeoville advises that there are still a number of options available in these cases. Many models of garage door have been optimized to withstand the conditions of extreme weather. They are usually made with additional struts of reinforced steel and have upgraded rollers, tracks and springs.

  • What is steel gauging?

    A steel gauge refers to the quality of the steel; its thickness and strength. The lower the number of gauge, the better the steel quality is. For example, steel of 27-gauge is weaker and thinner than steel of 24-gauge. However, Garage Door Repair Romeoville says there are exceptions to this rule. An example of this is garage doors made with sandwiching techniques. A garage door made with two 27-gauge skins and a bonded core will have a greater strength than a steel framed door of 24-gauge.

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