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Here is a selection of tips for garage door repair. Great information for all property owners.

  • Make your garage door strong

    The level of durability depends on your needs but all garage doors must be robust. Our technicians recommend strong materials. Choose double or triple layer 27 or 24 gauge steel doors. Get sectional doors which have multiple connections with the tracks and low gauge steel parts.

  • Check the Springs Regularly

    Garage door springs are an essential part of the whole mechanism and if the springs are not working well, then the garage door would not work very well, either. Check the springs regularly to know if they have to be replaced anytime soon. It would save you a lot of time and effort if you get to change them before they break.

  • Add style to your house

    Today, you can find exquisite garage doors for all tastes. From colorful steel ones to glass garage doors, there are choices in terms of materials, styles and designs. Their strengths are of the utmost importance but having good looking doors will also add to the house's appeal.

  • Wash your garage door

    It is highly recommended to wash your garage door every now and then. It's a rather simple thing to do, but doing so can help keep your door clean and in good shape, as well as help prevent the door from aging prematurely.

  • Tip for Scheduling Garage Door Repair

    You should schedule things in a way that the garage door repaircompany works when you are present. Of course there are many who prefer the convenience of going to work and then returning when everything has been sorted. The problem is that the little details will be forgotten. No matter how clear your instructions have been, the worker is going to make occasional mistakes. Therefore it is better if you are present to correct them in time.  Feel free to call our experts for more info.

  • Reset your garage door opener

    Cases where garage doors that suddenly open automatically just after closing, as well as stopping short before reaching the bottom are quite possible. This can be fixed by resetting your garage door opener. Each garage door system has different instructions for resetting, but the most common steps include shutting down the power of the opener for a few seconds then turning it back on again. Afterward, press down on the arrow down until the garage door closes completely.

  • The screws are important

    For a garage door to work properly, all the screws should be in place. That means making sure that the screws are not loose or damaged in any way. Our technicians at Garage Door Repair Romeoville suggest checking if every single screw is tightened always. Should you somehow find an enlarged screw hole, find a longer screw of a similar diameter to replace the old one, and use it in conjunction with a hollow fiber plug that is dipped in carpenter’s glue.

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