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Much like an old trusty garage door, gate systems can experience their share of issues, ranging from opener related problems to something as ostensibly minor as rusty hinges. Whatever the issue, our experts can help.

Repairing Opener Parts

Your gate's automation is performed through the use of an electric opener, which is the motor unit that powers the system's operation. Due the nature of its mechanical action, there are several issues your opener can suffer from. Whether your gate is failing to stop at the designated spot and your limit nuts need to be readjusted, or the motor gear has become worn out and needs to be replaced, our technicians can restore your opener back to its normal operation.

Dealing with Rust

Since gates are always exposed to the elements, the presence of rust can become unavoidable. To make sure your system stays in an optimal condition, any rusty part needs to be treated appropriately. While some oil application can help certain components resist rust for long periods of time, eventually, something will need to be replaced. Whether it's the hinges that can no longer be relied upon to function properly, or the gate itself that has developed too many blemishes to be appeasing to your eye, we can replace the affected part with a new, more rust resistant option.

Finding the Right One

There are many things to consider when getting a new automatic gate system. From the climate conditions of your local area, to the safety requirements you'd like your new system to meet, trying to find the right gate for your specific needs can become a real hassle. Luckily, you don't need to undertake this effort alone. We can help you choose the perfect gate system to meet all of your criteria. Once we find the perfect one, we'll set about installing it at your home or business as quickly as possible.

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