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Genie Garage Door Openers Services

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As experts in garage door openers, the technicians of Garage Door Repair Romeoville specialize in Genie repair services. We follow the progress of opener systems and the innovative steps of this brand with detailed attention and considerable interest. A close approach to the new Genie products and regular updating of the current differentiations and improvements makes our teams leading experts in providing Genie services. Having extensive knowledge of how opener systems work and develop from all the major opener manufacturers is of the utmost importance to our work. We excel in garage door repair services are ready to serve all your garage care concerns.Garage Door Opener

Our Genie services vary according to your needs

We service Genie openers at the convenience of the client and offer emergency repairs . In any case, our knowledge covers all demands of Genie openers and that's what makes us Genie experts. Our repair services are immediate and include the fixing of any complication with the electric opener. Noisy chain drive motors and overhead doors which won't close all the way due to opener issues are all fixed immediately. The Safe T-beam reversing system, which is the highlight of the Genie opener systems, integrates a force guard control. It can be set so that the garage door opens and closes to its full extent. We are here to make such adjustments or align the sensors of the opener.

We pay attention to such details during installation as well. The accuracy and diligence of our teams is our guarantee to excellent work. We make sure the new opener is installed properly and according to the exact specifications of Overhead Door Corporation, which manufactures Genie products. Our crews place emphasis on all opener parts and particularly to the entrapment devices. Genie openers comply with the UL 325 regulations to ensure people's safety and so do we! This is why our services are careful and based on the deep knowledge and experience of our technicians.

Our specialty in Genie openers allows us to provide excellent maintenance services. The remarkable results of our workmanship should be expected thanks to our proficiency in understanding these systems. We always check the speed of the door, make sure the chain is lubricated, and all bolts are tightened, but our attention falls mainly on the reverse system. If the door is still open and an object is put on the floor, it shouldn't begin any downward movement. If the object is put during downward movement, the door should reverse.

Our Genie services vary according to the needs of our clients, but cover all spectrums of problems and needs. Our repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation services are excellent. You will find that our staff will also help you choose the most suitable Genie opener for your home and the most convenient clicker for your needs.

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